A round hole is drilled through the horizontal tubing to allow the solid vertical bar to slide through it. Only a round hole can be made through the horizontal due to the increased strength of the tubing.


Cottage pane Burglar Bars can be fitted into the reveals of your existing wooden frames or the reveals of plaster walls where you have steel window frames. You can cover the complete window or only the openings. The vertical and horizontal bars can line up with your existing window panes for a neater finish.


A custom made steel pin is inserted into the tubing before the grid is assembled.  Once the holes have been drilled and filled with epoxy glue, the bards can now be installed.  Once the horizontal is lined up with the side holes, the pin shoots into the hole by means of a pull system.  The pin then sits half in the tubing and half into the frame or surrounding wall.


The vertical bar is cut longer than your existing frame height, to allow the bar to sit comfortably within the two holes.  It is inserted by means of specially drilled holes to allow the bar to shift up into the deeper top hole and then be pulled down into the bottom hole.  Once all the bars have been fixed into the reveals, epoxy glue is used to cover the joining areas.



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