Trellis Gates

Choose high security, choose trellis gates!

When choosing security gates for your property, you want to be sure that you are selecting a solution that will work for your needs. At Burglar Bar Warehouse, we offer a range of DIY trellis gates suitable for easy residential and commercial applications.


 Why choose Burglar Bar Warehouse:

Our goal is to provide our clients with competitively priced solutions that provide complete peace of mind for your property’s security. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials to provide a long-lasting solution. Our detailed installation instructions that accompany each shipment will ensure a flawless result.




More about our Aluslider DIY Gate

Our range of Aluslider DIY Gates are sleek, lightweight and rust-resistant! These robust weather-resistant gates are perfect for any space, no matter the climate conditions. Made from high-strength aluminium alloy, our Aluslider gates are an economical solution that offers ease of use with its smooth sliding open and close. To further enhance the resistance these gates have to the elements, we finish each gate with a powder coating.


Smooth operation and extra durability can be enjoyed thanks to the nylon wheels operating the gate’s top track.

The bottom track is secured with counter sunk screws to increase the gate’s overall strength.

Minimal interference is ensured through the low profile design of the bottom track.
The gate remains uniform during use due to the carefully designed rows of trellis flights.
The Aluslider gates are available in several colours and finished with pure polyester powder-coating.
The pure polyester powder-coating provides a textured finish and added resistance.

Products should be cleaned regularly and maintained to ensure the full validity of our product warranty.

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