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At Burglar Bar Warehouse, we strive to continuously harness the latest innovations to offer our clients the best DIY security solutions. We design and manufacture high-quality security products suitable for residential and commercial spaces. These products include security solutions for various doors and windows and are available in a range of sizes to order online for delivery across South Africa.

We offer a range of options to meet all possible needs and provide the best ease of use. We ensure that all products meet the industry’s highest standards to provide long-lasting use. Burglar Bar Warehouse is a proud subsidiary of Magnador, a leader in security solutions across South Africa.

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DIY Burglar Bars – Security made easy!

From simple designs to intricate and elegant exteriors, our security gates and bars will compliment your property’s design to improve the physical security of your space without compromising the appearance of attractive architectural features.

Industrial window guards that look out of place and unwelcome are a thing of the past. Security additions are meant to keep out the bad guys, but you still want to feel welcome on your property! We offer a range of practical solutions that can be ordered in our online shop and delivered to your door.  Each product is packaged with detailed installation instructions, ensuring a simple installation of your chosen security products.

Improve your security

Adding a layer of protection to your home or business will better safeguard your assets and protect your loved ones. Security gates and bars are an effective and affordable way to do this. Whichever property you desire to secure, you will benefit from a range of advantages that these solutions bring.

Deter criminals

The enhanced security our solutions offer will assist in deterring criminals from your property. This is due to the sheer force and effort needed to cross these protective barriers.

Enjoy high ROI

The return on investment for security solutions, such as gates and burglar bars, is high due to the long-lasting security they offer your space. Having these installed can also decrease insurance costs and increase the value of your property.

Experience complete convenience
We offer a range of solutions to suit your various safety requirements, such as trellis gates that do not occupy much space when opened and slam lock gates for easy use. Furthermore, our team includes comprehensive instructions to ensure a flawless DIY installation experience.

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